WERSEL ETL is an Enterprise-ready data lake management software platform which handles self-service data ingestion and data preparation with integrated features like metadata management, governance, security and henceforth ensuring efficient ETL process.


Organizations data handling process are expending through significant engineering effort in moving data into Hadoop, but they struggle to maintain governance over the quality data.

WERSEL ETL is designed in such a way that it plugs with almost types of data sources and infer a schema from the data formats that are used widely. WERSEL ETL dramatically simplifies data ingest by shifting ingest to data owners through a simple guided UI.

Data Ingestion is achieved by WERSEL ETL through Self-service data ingestion with allied processes like data cleansing, validation, and automatic profiling.

Using WERSEL ETL’s pipeline template mechanism, IT can extend WERSEL ETL’s capabilities to connect to any source, any format, and load data into any target in a batch or streaming pattern.

WERSEL ETL’s default ingest workflow moves data from the source model to Hive tables via advanced configuration options – field-level validation, data protection, data profiling, security and overall governance.


WERSEL ETL prepares the data by wrangling with visual SQL builder and the interactive transformation happens through a simple user interface.

ETL process needs data to be prepared in well-advanced fashion, WERSEL ETL’s transformation feature eases the IT team which is responsible for data preparation and lets power users such as data analysts take control of the data preparation tasks by self. WERSEL ETL leverages the advanced and futuristic capabilities of Apache SPARK to transform data in an interactive way. WERSEL ETL helps organizations to leave behind the overheads (high license cost, maintenance fee) with old ETL tools and optimize their data operations convenience.


Search and explore data and metadata, view lineage, and profile statistics.

The point of having a data lake is to ensure data availability, integrity and security. WERSEL ETL includes an integrated metadata repository and key capabilities for data exploration. Users can perform search engine-like searches against data and metadata to discover entities of interest. Visual process lineage and provenance provides confidence to the users with the origin of data. Automatic data profiling provides capabilities for data scientists and assurance in data quality.