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Optimize On-site User Experience With Wersel’s AI In-Page Design Solution

Creatively designed A+ and enhanced brand content can give you a huge advantage over your competition.

Wersel Product Detail Page Optimization Solution

Rich product pages allow you to tell your customers a captivating product story. People tend to make purchasing decisions based on emotions rather than rational thoughts. With Wersel’s AI solutions, you emotionally bond with your customers and make sure to highlight your product's benefits and USPs.

Wersel’s AI Pages help retailers showcase enhanced and personalized product content without any manual efforts. Our algorithm extracts existing product images, descriptions, and metadata directly from product pages and weaves them into an eye-catching page for every product on the retailer website.

Even if you are selling your products on other e-commerce portals, you can optimize them with Wersel’s in page design solution. The best part is, you can directly upload the suggested design pages without any manual intervention in your website or other eCommerce platforms. Rich product content is a premium service that adds in-depth item descriptions, rich photos, charts, and narrative writing to e-commerce product detail pages to boost brand affinity and conversions.

Why You Should Use Wersel In-Page Optimization

Inform Your Customers

With enriched product pages, brands can better showcase the features, details, and benefits of products to potential customers. Typical product descriptions on an ecommerce website can get lost and are sometimes ignored, while A+ rich content stands out. With rich product pages, brands have more descriptive ways to highlight product details, address common questions, and focus on the brand. This added information boosts customer confidence, resulting in higher conversions at the checkout.

Showcase Product Details

Customers looking at your product listing can learn more about the benefits and values your product has to offer by visiting rich product pages. Traditional product descriptions on ecommerce sites frequently fail to adequately explain the goods, leaving customers undecided about whether or not to buy. The option for sellers to highlight different product aspects, highlight additional detailed photographs, present comparison tables, or demonstrate the product in action improves the client buying experience.

Increase Conversions

Conversion rates and sales can increase when you add A+ content to product listings. Consumers who have arrived at your product page are more inclined to scroll down the pages to learn more about the product they are going to buy. By taking advantage of rich product content, you can educate shoppers about the product, as well as answer common questions or concerns about the product. Rich product pages can be the confidence boost some shoppers need to make them feel comfortable making the purchase.

With Wersel’s In-page solution you will benefit from


10% Increase in Conversion


14% Increase in add-to-cart ratio


A higher ranking in search results


More Engagement on your product pages

Wersel A+ Page Examples


Optimize On-site User Experience With Rich Product Page

Showcasing the value of your products with rich enhanced content can help your customers feel confident about their purchases. With Wersel's AI solutions, you can create visually appealing pages that reduce clutter, immerse your customers in your products and brand, and help your customers make informed purchasing decisions.

Lowered bounce rates

Rich product detail pages to ensure that your customers find exactly what they are looking for faster, lowering bounce rates on-site.

Increase customer engagement

Improve on-site engagement and visits to ecommerce product detail pages with personalized pages.

Higher customer retention

Increase customer retention and return visits by ensuring that every shopper can find the things they want with minimal effort.

Power Your Product Pages with the Element of Conversion

Wersel in page solution dynamically optimizes product pages based on every shopper’s preference to ensure they find products they love fast, boosting engagement and conversions.

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