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60 Seconds to SELL!

What if you got only 60 sec to sell, educate or communicate? A well-crafted animated explainer video makes it simple.

Animated Explainer Video Production

Animated explainer videos are a great way to introduce new products or brands, quickly bringing the new campaign to life. We're a unique animated explainer video production firm based in the United Kingdom. Our team of some of the best explainer video animation specialists can work with you through each stage of production, from storyboarding and script development through to animation and post-production.

We craft stories that are authentic to your business or product, fun to watch, and convey a sense of professionalism. By working with the best people in the business, we understand what it takes to make your story unique to you.

Our Explainer Animated Video Services

From scripts to storyboards, we have it all in-house. You can contact us with your ideas and we will work closely with you to bring them to life in a video that is sure to captivate and inform your customers.

Motion Graphics Animation

We offer motion graphics animation video services. With our expert designers and animators, we can help you develop your creative vision and create animated content that will engage and delight your audience.

Kinetic Typography

Good typography changes the way we think and understand. It keeps reading easy and entertaining. We offer kinetic typography animation videos because we understand that good typography is essential for an enjoyable reading experience.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

Our explainer videos are produced with a clear voice-over and licensed music. We love to make whiteboard animations to demonstrate your ideas or services in an easy yet professional way. Our video animation company creates bold and clear visuals that directly deliver the message by adding fun elements to increase engagement.

Screencast Videos

Screencasting is a great way to show off your knowledge. This technique can be used to describe a work process, generate how-to guides, tell a tale, and more. Screencasting videos provide step-by-step guidance to your audience, demonstrating exactly what they should do. You can utilize screencasting not only to create how-to films but also to create customer-focused videos.

Ecommerce Product Videos

Consumers can gain product knowledge and confidence by watching eCommerce product videos. We collaborate with your team to create eCommerce video strategies that help you achieve your objectives. We create gorgeous portrayals of your products' features and benefits and incorporate lifestyle content to truly communicate your brand's narrative and engage clients with your eCommerce videos.

Want To Know How We Work?

At Wersel, we listen first. We provide professional, goal-orientated explainer videos that do the selling for you.
Here's how it works; You tell us about your company, product, or service.
Give us any information you think is important to persuade your target audience to buy.
Then we script out your story as one would do with any language text.
After approval of the script,
we take it to our video studio and make an animated video based on your information.
Your customers will love the videos and watch them over and over again because it's something they haven't seen before.
We make sure your script contains all the relevant.

Why Choose Wersel for Animated Video Production?

Increase Brand Awareness

Animated explainer videos are entertaining, shareable material that raises brand exposure.

Increase Product Sales

Use animated explainer videos to screencast your software, showcase a product demo, or start a promotion off with a bang.

Save Valuable Time

Your animated explainer video becomes an extension of your staff, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to speak for you.

Generate Revenue

In under 60 seconds, explain your product or service, describe the features and benefits, and persuade customers to buy.

Make an Impression

Explainer videos with animation help you stand out from the crowd and have a higher retention rate than text alone.

Reduce Operating Costs

Make your business more effective by using animated explainer movies as a training tool, delivering instructions, or describing your sales process.

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