• “Data Visualization is not just a term – It’s a visual story of your insightful data! “

    “Data Visualization is not just a term – It’s a visual story of your insightful data! “

    We all want our data display to be impactful. WERSEL Visualization does exactly that! Data visualization techniques make your data look interactive and attractive that appeals to the user. It not only makes data presentable but easily understandable too. Are you looking for a Data Visualization expert who can design and create a visually powerful story from your structured Data? Do you need an actionable solution for your Big Data? We at Dizer implements enhanced data visualization practices in order to transform your business strategy to reality. We employ a dedicated team of experts who enable a timely translation of business requirements into eye-catching, interactive and valuable visual aids. We deliver easy-to-use, highly valuable and actionable visual data that leads to realized ROI. Our skilled resources and structured Data Visualization processes drive your organization towards a disciplined culture and help meet the business goals.

What do we offer?

Our data visualization services starts with comprehensive data analysis and ends with a product that is visually appealing and expressive. We offer an array of data visualization techniques that interpret data in real-time and help organizations make highly informed decisions quickly. Our solutions can be seamlessly integrated with legacy systems or new ones. We have a simple rule:

  • Understand
  • Adapt
  • Transform

With this simple strategy we create visually attractive, highly interactive, fast, easy-to-use and smart solutions that enrich your decision making capabilities. Our services include:

  • Strategizing data visualization
  • Report rationalization
  • Data storytelling
  • Data Visualization implementation using
    • Dashboard Creation
    • Metrics and Scoreboards
    • Charts including basic charts and Circular Dendrogram, Cluster Dendrogram, Clustered Force Layout, Convex Hull, Delaunay Triangulation, Hexagonal Binning, Parallel Coordinates, Reingold-Tilford Tree, Scatter Plot, Small Multiples (Area), Stream Graph, Treemap and Voronoi Map
    • Alerts via email
    • Metric-driven notifications
    • Mobile BI etc

WERSEL – The One-Stop Solutions for Your Online Business Expansion!

Today, organizations largely rely on data-driven insights. Well, data visualization is the most suitable path to crunch complex data as well as creates flexible business intelligence system. Unlike others, WERSEL analyzes and represents a large set of data in an interactive way. Team of technocrats give a perfect shape to the assigned project by including intuitive dashboard, charts, graphs and other related visualizations. They help the data to get parsed and leveraged as well. Moreover, it takes the form of a meaningful format that is aesthetically pleasing to clients.

Enhance your business!

With years of experience and expertise, WERSEL comprises data management and comprehensive database administration practices. Here, the group of professionals focus on building robust and insightful strategies based upon sales and marketing. Also, they give importance to your product and customer engagement.

World-class consultation:

Our solutions help your company to translate your abundant data into actionable insights. Moreover, you will get a chance to know how to utilize real-time insights. It helps you to stay ahead of your online competitors. Consult with our experts, today!

Get everything you need –

Starting from transactional data analysis to social media user log data visualization to CRM data visualization – everything is now under a single roof. No matter if your company has just started its journey in the industry, we at WERSEL is ready to provide you with all sorts of technological assistance.

Analysis and successfully completion of projects:

Go through our recent reporting structure and know how the experts have perfectly analyzed the scope of improvements of each company project that they are assigned with. The experienced professionals have fixed every project with specific metrics and details so that it meets real-time reporting goals.

Affordable services –

Are you thinking about your expense for availing data visualization services? Then, stop worrying and allow us to build more suitable apps for your company in order to get a good online exposure. Just pick our handy services at an affordable price and notice a good growth of your website.

Data Management

The experts ensure you with all sorts of data integrity and compliance services that are run through an efficient integrated management and governance.


You will get to receive a fast and fluent access to your business data. The services are easy to understand, analyze, and leverage.

Database Administration

The experienced and skilled employees are efficient in providing you with best database management services including Oracle, Oracle E-Business Suite, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2, MongoDB and SharePoint.


Moreover, we apply agile practices as well as achieve rapid database deployment and automation. Once avail the services from our technocrats, you will get a fruitful result within couple of weeks.

Draw more benefits to get better exposure:

Your business is delivered with a vibrant, highly valuable and actionable data. It enables you to zero in on the highest value strategic activities. A skilled resource and well-structured process will drive your organization towards a disciplined data analysing phase. Our experts understand your requirements and value your needs and wants as well.