Software product development process can bring in quite a number of tangible alterations and positive results for a company.

Wersel Brand Analytics

The Perspicacious Detective and Protecting Brands in a way more intelligent than it has always been. Get along with us and join hands to eliminate infringements.

Wersel ETL

Wersel ETL is an Enterprise-ready data lake management software platform that handles self-service data ingestion and data preparation with integrated features like metadata management, governance, security and henceforth ensuring efficient ETL process.

Wersel Konnect

The Wersel Konnect relies heavily on Web Service APIs for data exchange. The platform is built to be stable under various working models.It  is a data connection platform where the worker API allows to build the client application independent of the Web Services API. The robust API’s implies an enhanced functionality of the platform. 

Wersel Visualization

Quickly discover new insights and opportunities with all your data at your fingertips. Drag-and-drop your data into rows and columns and instantly see your results. Create new tables, charts, reports, and dashboards in just a couple of clicks.

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