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Wersel - Logistics Management Software

Wersel Logistics is best cloud software solution for freight forwarders looking to improve their competitiveness through technology and streamline their day-to-day processes. We are user friendly, developed using the most advanced technologies, and integrated with many shipping lines and airlines.

Best Freight Forwarding Software

Technology transforms the logistics industry by making the operations more streamlined to produce the better end results. Companies invest in logistics software experiences a noticeable improvement in overall processes. Wersel logistics management system is one of a kind cloud software solution for freight forwarders that meets their end to end processes and delivers high performance.
Our innovative software is developed using high-end technology that can easily integrate with many shipping lines and airlines.


Fast time to Quote FTTQ

The minimum time is taken to quote for any particular job.

Monitor vendor performance

It helps to analyze quality, the reliability of the organizations’ vendors and improves efficiency, profit and inventory costs.

Sales Agent performance

The system monitors the sales agent’s performance based on the key metrics such as business revenue, profitability and meeting sales goals.

Analyze and Compare won vs loss quotes

This analytics helps to compare the number of opportunities won and lost for a certain period. It helps to turn data into actionable items.

Track shipment data

This feature helps to track the shipment status, location, weight of the logistics and others.

Analyze vendor quoted vs. actual analytics

This analytics shows the total of quotes that are associated with the job and invoices with the potential value generated against the job.


A quick and easy way of creating invoices for the customers using the available templates which can be customized according to company standards.

Customer Portal

The customer portal allows the authorized user to login into the portal, view their invoices, quotations, track shipment status and send new inquiries.  The customer portal can be customized with the organization logo and desired colors.

Manage Cost per lead

Manage cost per lead allows to measure the cost-effectiveness of marketing campaigns. This will help the sales team to understand how much money is spent to acquire new leads.

Conversion rates at each stage of your sales process

Wersel logistics management system keeps track of the conversation rates during every sales process. This data will help to enhance the sales process and improve business growth.

Level of human touch

This feature is required to enhance the customer experience through human understanding, human business and human to human selling techniques.

Profit and loss percentage

The profit and loss percentages define business performance and sales progress in the industry.


CRM for Freight Forwarders

Wersel logistics software acts as customer relationship management software for the logistics industry by enabling them to monitor in and out of their customer activities. The activities covered include tasks, events, sales, marketing, quotations, proposals, orders, and freight history.

Shipping Management

The shipping management feature in Wersel logistics meets the evolving shipping and freight transportation demands including real-time tracking of orders, calculates the estimated cost and delivery date, integration with shipping providers and manages shipping returns, insurance, refunds, customer requests, and others.  This feature can be integrated with the shipping channels to manage company shipments and improve organizational capability.

The Next-Generation Saas Solution

Wersel logistics management system is a complete SaaS solution which is extensible to add any custom features you want. It reduces cost and allows you to pay for the customization over time in your monthly billing, so that you don’t need to upfront the software cost.

Bill of Ladings

Bill of ladings or BOL is a required document which is used to move any shipments. It is a receipt of cargo and also a legal contract between the carrier and shipper. The BOL provides all the details to the driver and carrier to process the shipment and invoice.

Cargo Manifests

The summary of BOL to a carrier for the specific shipment is generated by the Wersel logistics software. This manifest can be used in air shipment, ocean shipment and ground shipment. It has information such as consigner, consignee, list of commodities including value, number, origin to destination and class of the freight.

Booking Confirmations

The confirmation of bookings has comprehensive details which can be used for documentation and can be shared with consignee, shipper, and other involving parties for their quick reference of booking details



RM 70
CRM only - RM 35/User/Month
CRM + Shipping
RM 70/User/Month
Analytics RM 70/User/Month


CRM only $15/User/Month
CRM + Shipping
Analytics $30/User/Month

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