A Quick Fix For Your Brand’s Reputation

Readily Eliminate spoilers of your brand with wersel

Brand Analytics Solutions are commonly used by brands and many other sectors to maintain their brand reputation. We provide competitive intelligence service for retailers and consumer brands to detect and eliminate fake products with powerful deep learning techniques. We plan a dynamic brand specific strategy that makes the best process in the market.

Data Harvesting

Intelligent Counterfeit Detection and Analysis

Sentimental Analysis


Brand Policing

Geo Analytics

Social Media Analytics

360 degree view

Portend infringements with Best featured AI Platform

Counterfeiters try to spoil your reputation. We patch that up with even smarter technologies in the market by making your brand gain all the standard. We also ensure to eliminate the counterfeits that spoil your brand’s trademark.

Valuable Insights

Visualize your data. Get insightful analytics with distributed data analysis platform to know your brand’s performance.

Deep Learning

Dive deep into the data which is fed to the smarter Intelligence system that understands the intent of the fraudulent merchants by their patterns and flags their fake products.

Refined Enrichments

Anonymous fake profiles are enriched with social media to contribute powers to our dynamic platform that enriches fake merchant profiles to investigate further.
Explore Features

Efficient Resource Utilization to boost customer service and profit ratio

Customer retention
Price optimization by targeted offers
First time customer growth
Increase in cart to sales conversion
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