About Us

How It All BeganHow It All Began

Our Story

Wersel, a Visualization and Analytics Platform was built by analysts and machine learning experts to bring the power of transformative technology to core business operations of SMEs.With the unique combination of information gathering and analysis, we build algorithms that iteratively learn from data and deliver hidden insights. We do predictive analytics that makes the data interactive and agile.

Who we are

We provide a rich platform that enable reputed brand owners to understand their brand’s performance, their attackers and help them fix and regain their reputation which increase loyalty, customer confidence and ultimately driving sales and bottom-line growth

What we do

We, a group of innovators strive towards building intelligence, analytics and visualization that unleashes the powerful and valuable insights from millions of data dumped in the world day-to-day.

Why we do it

Gone are the days when fakes are easily spotted, either through misspelled words or incorrect information. The counterfeiters are getting smarter which challenges us more to rule them out. We provide our solutions to safeguard the brands from potential threats and helping the customers go Anti-Fake!

Efficient Resource Utilization to boost customer service and profit ratio

Customer retention
Price optimization by targeted offers
First time customer growth
Increase in cart to sales conversion
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