Our Levitating Strategy

We have another definition for smart workflow
Getting the right data is the key


Data Extraction is the most important stage in the journey of eradicating fakes. We gather all the mighty contents and minute game changing collection of data that actually contribute to be a string of fine-tuned information
Analytics Done Right


Uncover the impact of your data and get the insights out of them. Wersel provides us the best way to find out the spread and deviations in data that gives best business insight with Intelligence
Measure of analysis


Get the best quality insights about your brand and get excited on how smart the algorithm gets collaborated with all the data and spits out a hint for fake that reduces your brand’s value. We also help to take action in a smart way that eradicates counterfeits

Wersel, The Perspicacious DetectiveWersel, The Perspicacious Detective

Protecting Brands in a way more intelligent than it has always been

Best Solutions For Anti-CounterfeitBest Solutions For Anti-Counterfeit

Get along with us and join hands to eliminate infringements.

Social Media Analytics

Distributive Analysis, mentions and reactions from different social media which help brand owners know about their reach, popularity, loyalty, customer confidence, brand value and their level in the crowd

Comparative Analytics

Compare different brand with theirs and analyse the price variations, popularity and other measures which help them to know where they reside and what could be done to stand out of the crowd

Geo Analytics

Analysing the geo data of different sites and finely visualizing the insights


This feature makes the data richer by adding more information collected from different public sites thereby contributing to potential investigations

Data Visualization

Providing powerful dashboards on enriched data with valuable insights and filters for interactive analysis


It allows the brand’s agent to immediately take action on fakes which helps the owners know about activity of infringements and also helps in the eradication of fakes

Still Thinking? Let Us HelpStill Thinking? Let Us Help

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Why not a smarter business? Yes, your business can be boosted with Artificial Intelligence.AI is being used to help businesses across all sectors optimise and automate business processes.It increase sales, detect fraud, improve customer experience, automate work processes and provide predictive analysis

WERSEL Brand Analytics provides solutions for anti-counterfeiting, brand policing, memorable branding, self-service data ingestion and preparation with integrated services like data crawling, algorithms modeling, enrichments and actions

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