Wersel Brand Analytics Features

Brand Analytics -Enrichment


This critical feature is the one that adds extreme advantage for the product. The enhancement makes the data even richer by adding content to the populated anomalies. We enrich to enhance the data we already possess so brands can make more informed decisions. We are specialized in Facebook enrichments that fine-tunes the merchant data that does counterfeits. Not only data from e-commerce, but we also collect interlinked data from other media which aids in investigations.

  • We enrich information from publicly available data and update the vendor information.
  • We do enrich from a social media source to exactly locate the vendors with all possible fake products that he sells.
  • The enrichment of information largely helps in the investigation process of the agents.
  • We provide a different angle to get the counterfeits and go anti-fake.

Sentimental Analysis

Our process of computationally identifying and categorizing opinions expressed in a piece of text, especially in order to determine whether the writer’s attitude towards a particular topic, the product is positive, negative, or neutral. We excel in Analysing all the reviews and reactions of the customers in different sites which provides the mood impact of the brand.           

  • Our Sentiment analysis is an automated process that understands the sentiment or opinion of a given text.
  • By using sentiment analysis to structure product reviews, we understand what your customers like and dislike about your product. Compare your product reviews with those of your competitors.
  • Advanced featuring with Language processing we analyze what is the reach of your brand.
Brand Analytics- Sentimental Analysis
Wersel Brand Analytics - Geo Analytics

Geo Analytics

Analyzing the geodata of different sites and getting insight by analyzing the relationship between that data and its location in physical space. Wersel Geo-analytics provides a new context and perspective to data that is simply not possible with tables and charts. The location analytics helps us get deep insights on the vendor as well as product analysis.

Wersel Geo Analytics not only provides comprehensive mapping capabilities, but it also moves beyond visualization with built-in support for a broad range of advanced geo analytic use cases to help reveal crucial geospatial information and expose hidden geographic relationships.

Location-based data, combined with powerful analytics, puts a wealth of information at your fingertips. Known as wersel Geoanalytics, this is the foundation for smart decision-making.

Brand Policing

It is of huge importance to have a process that helps ensure consistent and effective brand communications.

The larger the business, the harder and more urgent that becomes

  • Failing to control how your brand is presented to the market can create consumer confusion and damages the strength of its message. We provide a specialized feature of policing just to safeguard your brand smartly.
  • Identification, Investigation, Eradication of frauds with actions. We provide powerful Business WorkFlow management system for taking actions on the fraudulent.
  • The flow of process makes us unique from all competitors. We manage investigations in an extremely transparent hierarchy that helps brand agents to take actions and eliminate fakes.
  • It is an important process that highlights easy to interact modules with agents.
Brand Analytics - Brand Policing

Data Harvesting

Harvesting Data from various e-commerce sites like lazada, ebay, shopee, lelong, etc., and brand websites like Nike, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, etc., Data harvesting includes the best possible crawling that helps us get insights from numerous sites.

  • Our process includes small script, also known as a malicious bot, which is used to automatically extract large amounts of data from websites and use it for analytical purposes.
  • We clean data and remove noise and shape the data as required for best computational insights.
  • We maintain a data structure and store efficiently to process millions of data in large scale.
  • The brand’s security is also maintained effectively by wersel.
  • Our latest feature of social media harvesting will include data harvesting that highlights the process of representing, analyzing, and Investigating.

Social Media Analytics

We Process data from stakeholder conversations on digital media and process into structured insights leading to more information-driven business decisions and increased customer centrality for brands and businesses.Distributive Analysis, mentions and reactions from different social media which help brand owners know about their reach, popularity, loyalty, customer confidence, brand value and their level in the crowd.We get reviews and process it to get abstractive insights.

  • The first step in a social media intelligence initiative is to determine which business goals the data that is gathered and analyzed will benefit.
  • Typical objectives include increasing revenues, reducing customer service costs, getting feedback on products and services, and improving public opinion of a particular product or business division.
  • Once the business goals have been identified, businesses should define key performance indicators (KPIs) to objectively evaluate the business analytics data.

360 degree view

We provide a 360-degree view of products and vendors which will help the brands to know each and every segment of information. The term 360-degree view of the products and vendors designates all available and significant information about the products and vendors collected by wersel in order to provide the most personalized and efficient customer service.

  • The unique feature that creates different dimension in  protecting brands.
  • Wersel’s uniqueness in finely mining the counterfeits will help for meaningful investigations.
  • We provide product and vendor 360 to get a complete view on their products that are getting counterfeited along with the vendor who makes infringements.
  • Analytics is our spotlight and we cover major areas like Geo Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Comparative Analytics and Sentiment Analysis for both the product and vendor of the fakes which gives us a 360 view. 
  • The vendor 360 will help brands in picking the odd ones out and correctly enriching contents in a tricky way to deep think, analyze, enrich and go Anti-Fake.

Intelligent Counterfeit Detection and Analysis

The Deep Analytics with respect to the brand and the insights of wersel use Artificial Intelligence to smartly Identify Fakes. The learning Algorithm of wersel analytics streamlines the process by Shortlisting the hyperspace by drilling down deep into the key factors that influence fakes.Detecting the counterfeit products among the real with powerful ensemble machine learning algorithms and analysing them for additional insights like fake scale and content measure.

  • We ensure category wise, Seller wise and Brand wise Fake detection that increases the best information gain.
  • We do perform Hyper parameter tuning that reduces the overhead of being a false positives.
  • The Intelligence of the dashboard is fine tuned to gather more information on the counterfeits and visualize the traps beforehand.
  • AI helps retailers and wholesalers to get aware of the items that they are vending are real or counterfeit. AI in brand safety and counterfeit detection is all about to determine the authenticity of the original products and to create the high economic potential for the businesses.
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Indulge Brand Threat Reporting

“Awareness is fine! But Advocacy Will Take Your Business To The Next Level”

Wersel Brand Analytics empowers your brand by detecting all the possible threats using state-of-the-art technologies. This is why you have to choose us:

  • We tackle every issue such as phishing, counterfeiting, piracy and fraud in the most ingenious way.
  • With our E-Commerce solution, you are going to get the most prolific outcome.
  • “Validating your customer identity is of foremost importance”.

Protect your brand


Your reputation is your brand. It is one of your most valuable assets, So Protect It ”

Wersel Brand Analytics empowers your brand by detecting all the possible threats using state-of-the-art technologies. This is why you have to choose us:

  • Wersel Analytics offers Maximum Brand Protection, without resource drain. Being a brand preacher is all about trust and upholding your integrity.
  • With properly planned strategies and ever-growing customer relationship, you are going to converge yourself into an epitome of reliability. 
  • Being prudent towards your brand protection is going to improve your ROI in real-time.

Wersel Analytics would provide you with all that you need to improve the productivity of your team members.

Offering the most demanded Advisory services

Offering the most demanded Advisory services

Wersel Brand Analytics can help you design and execute the steps needed to handle challenges faced by the brands.

  • We look upon the imposing challenges on the brand with a bird’s eye and take necessary actions to increase the expertise level of your brand.
  • This would allow you to gain a more competitive edge.

Get to know about Price intelligence

“Knowledge is having a right answer. Intelligence is asking the right question ”

Price intelligence tool is known to provide you with data on the current market stats.

  • Your customers are going to borrow the best offers from you when you are using Wersel Brand analytics.
  • By getting a clear idea of what your competitors are doing and every detail about their product ranges will make you having game winning decisions.
Enforcement Lifecycle Management

Get access to better Enforcement Lifecycle Management


  • By monitoring your customer activities, you are going to safeguard your brand from any kind of trouble.
  • With Wersel Brand Analytics, you are going to keep track of compliance lifecycle activities in a professional manner.

Brand integrity matters the most!

Integrity: The choice of choosing between what’s convenient! and what’s’ right!

Wersel Analytics is uniquely positioned to provide unsurpassed brand protection services.

IBM studies state that on average, a data breach can cause a loss of USD 3.92 million. It is time to safeguard brands against such issues.
With our brand protection services, you are going to experience the real-time benefits of enhanced customer satisfaction and braver the brand within a shorter span of time. 

Brand Integrity

Start empowering your brand from today.

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