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Wersel Logistics – Powered by Big Data Analytics

Big data has solved multiple problems in various industries, and it changed the entire logistics industry. There are factors and elements which make the seem more dynamic yet complex in nature. For big data to provide the most accurate predictions large quality and quality information is required. Only then the software based on big data will be able to provide the weather and traffic data (with the help of sensors, monitors and forecast systems). It will be able to provide solutions for the financial business forecast, in case the forecast show any signs of loss. It will help you advertise on the right platform at the right time so that you gain potential customers attention.

Big data analyses the pattern of the website browsing on computers and mobile phones according to which it segments the clients and potential clients, also based on the data taken from the social media platforms. As it is very different from the traditional data analysis you will be able to solve your problems like vehicle diagnostics, driving patterns and location information within minutes.

As the storage keeps increasing with the increase in clients and reports based on data analysis, SaaS tools will help you analyse the huge amount of data and turn the data into business intelligence data for the company. Transparency is very important when it comes to the logistics industry, SaaS, Big Data, IoT and AI are the tools which will help in maintaining the transparency as it helps in locating the shipping or transportation vehicles and the GPS enabled phones will help in letting the company, client and the customer knows the status of the shipment. Sensors on the delivery trucks and the weather data will be able to help in predicting the exact date of delivery.

There are two types of classification for freight shipment: low classification freight and high classification freight. The high classification freight is given extra care as damage or loss of high classification freight can lead to a great amount of loss. The software will help in checking the storage, weather, and transportation and delivery data multiple times before reporting it to the company.

Wersel Logistics is a cloud-based software solution provider for freight forwarders in the market. We help them gain their competitiveness through technology and streamline their day-to-day processes Wersel logistics (leader of the future supply chain management) is user-friendly, technologically advanced and is integrated with multiple shipping lines an airlines.

Wersel logistics feature includes:

Shipping management:Generating a quote with the help of an automated system and tracking the quotation status. Also helps in managing the invoice and the customer’s credit limit.

CRM for freight forwarders: Customer relationship management is very important for any company; with Wersel logistics you will be able to view the customer activities in detail, including all activities like shipment history, inquiry, quotation proposal and orders.

SaaS solution: SaaS, or also known as Software as a Solution, will help you customize your own features while coming up with software for your freight forwarding company.

Online customer portal: Wersel logistics provides a service portal for the customers to check their quotation, invoice, shipment status and can send inquiries.

For more information about our services please contact us at +1-213-337-8564. Also check our blog post.

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