Real-Time Big Data

Real-Time Big Data is the Next Big Thing for Supply Chains

Big Data has changed the face of the logistics industry since big data helps in forecasting the trends and helps in segmenting the customers according to the preference; the whole process used to a logistics company has become more systematic and simplified. The real-time big data is able to analyse the weather conditions, track the shipment along with its status, the order processing status and more.

The report provided by real-time data analytics is more accurate and provides a solution to the problems or issues that may arise in the future. It is very cost efficient and helps in increasing the profit margin of the company who is using real-time big data for its logistics software. Any amount of data generated by the company, Big data and IoT have the tools and capability to generate necessary information out of it.

Big Data and IoT in logistics industry:

With the help of Geo-tag and weather forecast, the data analysis will create a real-time risk analysis report which will notify you if the weather condition is severe near the area where the shipment of approaching. Since the risk analysis report provided to the company, it can help in eliminating potential damage to the client’s shipment; hence maintaining customer satisfaction.

because it uses data and quantitative methods to improve decision-making skills. It helps in creating strategies for sources (third party vendors), sales, operation and inventory of the logistics company.

Real-time big data will be able to provide you with the cost required for the sources according to the current market situation and help you choose the best vendor. The software will be able to provide automated guidelines in case of loss of shipment or delay in delivery, this automated response will help in delivering the shipment in a faster process. Real-time big data helps in generating a map according to the forecast, which helps in creating a competitive edge of the logistics firm in the market.

How the logistics management software help?

The software makes the employee’s job easier as in the earlier days it was hard to handle heavy data and the outdated system which was adopted. This software will help in decreasing manual labour and increase the production flow. There are cases when the shipment has multiple transits/transfers due to which a lot of cases like the report of loss or damage occurs; to reduce the number of transit required for a shipment the software provides the best possible route or the best shipping vendor who will directly deliver the shipment. The whole process of planning, operating and executing of shipping orders become more transparent with the help of Big Data and IoT.

At Wersel Logistics Solution, we give you the which will help you track all of your profits expense and even losses of your company. You will also be able to check the conversion rate at each stage of the sales process and monitor the vendor’s performance. For more information or service query please email us at [email protected] (or) at +1-213-337-8564.

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