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Need for supply chain visibility in logistics business

Need for supply chain visibility in logistics business

How many companies have clear supply chain visibility? In recent study, we came to know that only six percentages of companies have supply chain visibility. Even though many know its benefits, they struggle in implementing in their business. For smooth workflow, the organization should have the visibility in each supply chain process.

What is supply chain visibility?

The supply chain process is not really connected within the warehouse, but apart from that, it involves a range of resources that spread across tracking and finding product orders, order shipment from the production source to the destination. The transport of goods, and all events that happens before and after the product delivery.

The moving parts has to closely monitored and the resources should be mapped with the process. In this scenario, the transportation management software comes into play. The information flow will be shared among suppliers, customers, partners, whoever plays a part in supply chain and thus everyone know.

Here are some of the benefits of end to end tracking of supply chain processes.


It benefits the shippers to choose which company they want to ship their product. Business can win more customers, if they give them the advantage to find where the product is moving.  The supply chain visibility enhances the entire operation and scale the business. The visibility helps to meet the marketing demands and changes. It reduces the risks, operational cost and identifies and meets the marketing demands. It provides better communication, able to meet the demands and reduce errors effectively.

Cut costs

The end to end tracking and supply chain visibility cut costs, improves productivity and help you to establish a strong business in the market. It helps to analyze, find and respond to the incoming and unexpected events.

Minimize risks

The end to end supply chain visibility help to protect your business by minimizing the chances of errors. The supply chain visibility identifies the failure and active in finding solutions. It also predicts the forecast demand, so you will know when the products gets depleted. You can keep track on the goods in transit, track shipments and transactions.

Improve efficiency

It helps to keep track on the areas that are vulnerable and helps to shift workflow and stop crises. You can also know that you are receiving many products in short time frame or whether the orders being rushed.

The supply chain visibility benefits business by improving process efficiency, customer satisfaction and efficient product handling and execution, stock management, better monitoring and outcomes.

Snapshot of challenges in running supply chain processes:

56% companies face complexity in integrating across the supply network
44%  find difficulty in accessing the logistics data
39% face poor product visibility
37% people find inability in reacting to the changes
22% companies use manual processes and inflexible systems

The best way to overcome the challenges in supply chain process and gain visibility, the businesses should adopt a that supports end to end tracking of all supply chain stages.

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