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How Technology Has Changed the Trucking Industry

Safer, easier and smoother, that’s how technology has changed the trucking industry. Earlier there were a lot of cases where the number of damaged freights was high due to weather condition or due to truck drivers driving non-stop to deliver the freight on time. Even truck drivers suffered through heavy losses as apart from the freight even their vehicles were damaged.

How technology evolved:

The current technology is making the life of a person in the trucking industry easy and safer when compared to the past. The current technology is based on the logging system, as the driver logs in, it shows all the data about the freight and the classification and when it needs to be delivered. Since it has a GPS enabled tracking device, it will help the trucking management in locating the truck in case of emergency; it will also help in indicating the most efficient route available for the driver to deliver the freight before or on time.

The GPS tracker helps in maintaining the data about the work logs and the number of freights delivered; therefore this will help in increasing the productivity of the driver.

Technology in the trucking industry also helps in the following ways:

  1. Alerting the truck driver in case of sudden change in the weather condition which might become severe
  2. Heavy traffic approaching due to diversion or due to road work.
  3. based on the speed of the truck and the route is taken, the software or an app will be able to predict the collision course; hence alerting the driver

Due to the lack of a driver in the current trucking market, technological companies are creating software and hardware based on automated driving; so that the freight is delivered on time without any driver. New system and management styles are adopted with the help of technology to create more value for the trucking industry. New trucks are introduced which is eco-friendly, this helps in creating a CSR value within the trucking industry. Along with the truck being eco-friendly enormous trucks are being introduced to deliver high classification freight without any damage.

Since technology is being used for logging and delivery freight, the drivers are trained thoroughly before setting off on the road. The training is not only about how to use the tech-enabled device but training about the rules and regulations are also provided; it has become a necessity due to accidents which occurred in the past.

Since the trucking industry plays an important role in logistics, the cost is high. In case damage occurs the whole freight monetary value is provided to the consignee The value of the freight claim is based on the freight insurance that you have opted for. The freight insurance rate is based on the classification of the freight: High or Low and the value of the items which are being shipped. If this freight is damaged during the process of shipment, the logistics company is not the only one who would be suffering losses; even the trucking company will suffer losses.

To avoid all these problems provides cloud-based logistics solution software; it has a customizable SaaS solution feature, a company will be able to build their own features. Since it is based on Big Data and AI, it provides an automated response for multiple features like for generating invoice, payment reminder, reports on market trends and analysis and many more. By 2022 Wersel logistics solution software will be entirely AI based interaction which will help in increasing the profit margin along with the productivity of the company. For more information about the logistics solution software or about other services please call us at +1-213-337-8564.

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