James has always been a fan of the brand ‘Adidas’. His sister decides to surprise him on his birthday with the Adidas sneakers he had been planning to buy. She orders it from a popular online shopping platform. He is delighted when he receives that expensive gift. 

Within a week, the excitement turns to disappointment. The brand new Adidas sneaker is worn out. While discussing with her friends, his sister understands that it was a counterfeit product. The sneaker has got nothing to do with the original brand Adidas. It was just a fake version of the product.

This does not stop with mere accessories or electronic equipment. Some counterfeit products can lead to life-threatening consequences. This can lead to serious effects on brand reputation.

The statistics provided on this subject are extremely shocking! The Global economy faces a loss of $323 Billion due to counterfeit goods. More than 1 in 4 consumers have reported purchasing fake products online unaware of its authenticity. US Government Accountability Office reports that about 2 out of 5 products purchased under famous brand names online were counterfeit.

What are counterfeit products exactly?

These products are coincidental to bad guys in movies and web series. They are among us. They pretend to be unique. They look normal, nothing suspicious, or pretentious. Yet, they are not what they claim to be. They are far more inferior in every entity including quality and design. That Casio watch might not have landed in your house from the original manufacturing unit. That JBL headphones might be duplicate. Due to the cheaper quality and lack of trust, brand reputation gets tarnished often. Brand owners lose their customers which impacts directly on the sales.

What is the solution?

At Wersel Brand Analytics, we offer solutions that match up with Brand owner’s expectations on brand analytics. Specialization in vital techniques such as Harvesting public and social Data, Enrichment, Sentiment Analysis, Product Matching, Brand Policing, Geo Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Price Analytics, Intelligent Counterfeit Detection, and Analysis has led us to conceive the best solution to overcome this problem most brands face nowadays.

Wersel - Counterfeit Solutions

Let’s sprinkle a bit more details about the features we provide:

What do we aim at?

Our objective, in a nutshell, is to let your business understand your brand and win the battle with the assistance of data harvesting from various platforms. We understand the effort taken by businesses to build their brand value. Hence we wish businesses to get the maximum out of their hard work via brand analytics. We do not want you to knock horns with fake products. We wish to make the best out of the available data through data harvesting. No businesses deserve the red pill! We act as the blue pill of your business, providing you with blissful happiness and satisfaction.

This is what we focus on:

  •   To improve the ROI of your business
  •   To reduce the costs of customer service
  •   To get business feedback on their products and services
  •   To improve public opinion on their specific products and services
  •   To understand the business-defined KPI and strategize accordingly

With the help of emerging technologies like AI, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning, you can bid adieu to counterfeit products misusing your brand name. Our vision lies in ameliorating the brand value without letting counterfeit products get in the way of your market productivity and brand value.

Are you in need of our brand analytics products and services? We are here to help you effectively. Contact our team to know more about us.

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