How brand analytics help business brand

How Brand Analytics Help Business Brands?


Your brand is the wholesome representation of your core values. This would segregate your competitors from your unique features. You can attract any kind of investors, collaborate with the most affluent team members, and build a credible effect and loyalty among every customer you meet.

With Brand analytics, you can make sure that the brand value would reflect on customer expectations. It is through brand analytics that we ensure that the brand values reflect on what we stand for in the online world. It has to reflect a lot on the ethics of the brand projects on the website and social media.

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Wersel introduce brand analytics technique

Wersel introduces Brand Analytics techniques to save you from Counterfeit Products


James has always been a fan of the brand ‘Adidas’. His sister decides to surprise him on his birthday with the Adidas sneakers he had been planning to buy. She orders it from a popular online shopping platform. He is delighted when he receives that expensive gift.

Within a week, the excitement turns to disappointment. The brand new Adidas sneaker is worn out. While discussing with her friends, his sister understands that it was a counterfeit product.The sneaker has got nothing to do with the original brand Adidas.

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Statics Vs Dynamic Pricing


“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”
— Colin Powell

These three power factors, combined with making the right business strategies would ensure success in the long run. The decisions about many important features such as hiring the right candidates, purchasing the right commodities to build your product, and inevitably deciding the pricing factors perfectly once it is done. In this modern era, with the fluctuations in the economy, we cannot entirely depend on strategic pricing. The value of the products keeps changing day by day. The e-commerce products and websites should remain intact with the market dynamics.

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Correct Pricing Important

Why Correct Pricing is Important for a Business?


Do you know almost two-third of startups just do the guesswork when setting prices for their products? Does that guarantee them success? Think again:

  • More than 50% of Americans shopped online in 2016
  • Nearly 51% shoppers prefer to shop online rather than going to a brick-and-mortar store
  • Around 96% of Americans shopped at least once in their lifetime

Now here are the most crucial facts related to pricing:

  • 87% online shoppers admitted that price plays a key role
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