Find true power In Your Data.

Wersel Data-Hub is a powerful brand collaborative & analytics platform that collects data from various sources, analyzes data and presenting it in an insightful way.


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Meet Wersel Data-Hub

New to our platform? Check this quick video to see how Wersel take your brand from okay to awesome

Unified Data Analytics Platform

Manage everything in one workspace by ingesting all kinds of data required for your brand.

Data Integration

Confidently connect, import data from the entire business and beyond.

Data Visualization

Create attractive and insightful reports and dashboards.

Powerful Hosted Search

Discover Information Effortlessly

Data Centric Collaboration

Integrate data, team and improve business velocity.


Tailor-made features for seamless processes

Intelligent Data-Driven Decision-Making platform with an ability to Target and Increase Brand Value.

Get a 360° view of Your Brand

Monitor, explore, search and share actionable insights from your data with anyone and anytime in a governed environment

Get a 360° view of Your Brand
Visualize Your Performance

Visualize Your Performance

Create Dashboards, Reports & Briefings to take actions out of insights.

Foster Effortless Collaboration with Your Team

One platform for your team to collaborate, plan and track the work.

Foster Effortless Collaboration with Your Team

Connect to your Data

Connect data, no matter the size, volume, or source.

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