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Brands need to strengthen their omnichannel strategy. Advanced analytics can help organizations make full use of their rich customer-interaction data and truly understand customer intentions and behaviors across channels.


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Benefits of Customer Behavior Analytics

With customer behavior analytics, we can segment your customers, then create marketing campaigns, sales efforts, and support services to help you get the most out of them. We can also use these same segments to attract and retain people who match the profiles of your most valuable and loyal customers.

Content Optimization

Optimizing your marketing campaigns.

Personalizing customer experience

Ability to understand the market, customize marketing messages and more.

Determine customer lifetime value

Measuring metrics on a closely track.

Improving customer retention

Helps in increasing customer satisfaction and reducing customer churn.


The Complexity of Understanding Customer Behavior

Technology has significantly changed consumers’ lives and is likely to shape the future of business and marketing. The main complexity is dealing with the increasing product variety and changing consumer demands, which is forcing marketers to abandon undifferentiated marketing strategies.

Wersel Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics include eCommerce hits, social interaction hits, page hits, and event hits.

Wersel Universal Analytics
One Data-Hub

One Data-Hub

Wersel Data-Hub is a customer intent platform designed to power the present and future of eCommerce from research to personalization, competitor pricing, and shopper’s behavior analysis on various touchpoints with an actionable workflow.

Enhance Customer Touchpoints

We take raw, granularity data from e-stores, brand pages, and other touchpoints like social media posts, videos and map this behavior data to product categorization.

Enhance Customer Touchpoints

Harness the Power of Data

Leverage specialized storage, processing applications, and technologies to analyze massive amounts of data to gain
insights that can transform your digitally-powered business.

Start doing data-backed research that will help you build a better business today!

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